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2019/2020 Youth Agri Enterprise Awards – A program to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the agri industry in Kenya

The Youth Agri Enterprise Awards (YAE Awards) will celebrate and award achievements of Kenya’s top rural youth led and managed agri based micro-enterprises from all parts of Kenya in a showcase of enterprise, innovation and ambition at county level. These innovative agri based businesses must be led by a youth(s) under the age of 30 years, who are serious about their ambition, who are taking real risks and making real sacrifices to achieve success, and they are making a huge contribution to their local communities and to the economy at large.

The Awards Program objectives and Schedule

  • To ultimately inspire young people to receive key technical and financial support in order develop key aptitudes and attitudes that they cannot learn from a textbook or traditional academic curriculum, with an aim to transform traditional rural agriculture into sustainable and profitable agri enterprises.
  • To provide a wealth of practical ways that will act as catalysts and help youths to view agriculture as a business that can be run with excitement and creation of wealth.
  • To ensure the sustainability of the supported projects and to answer key long term questions that will ensure that the program brings out the best
  1. Application process is open between 1st Oct- 31st Dec 2019.
  2. Application screening is between 1st Jan- 30th April 2020.
  3. Award Declaration for top 3 finalists in Kenya to be done in July 2020.

Key Selection Criteria for Applicants

  1. One must be engaged directly in any form of innovative agri based enterprise that is adopting a form of modern technology(ies), is environmentally friendly and is rural based within the local county.
  2. The agri enterprise must be individually owned and must show potential for growth and increase local employment while creating direct financial and social impact in rural setup.
  3. The agri enterprise must have clear potential for profitability, scalability and be able to respond to challenges and opportunities in its region and in other similar regions.
  4. An agri enterprise at start up level can be considered if it shows potential for growth, innovation and impact.
  5. The agri enterprise which must rural based must show potential for adoption of locally available or other rural technologies.
  6. The opportunity is open to any appropriate sector of agriculture.
  7. Applicants MUST be between 30 years and below and must prove ownership.

Become A Partner or Vendor

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Main Sponsor

HDI Kenya

Human Develpment Internationa has been an actor in the world of rural agriculture development since 2011 when we were registered as a local Non Governament Organization in Kenya

Vine Fruits

Vine Fruits and Vegetables is a Kenyan based company dealing in the Aggregation of Farmers’ markets which was established in the year 2013.

Stichting Doen

The DOEN Foundation is a Dutch foundation supporting initiatives in the field of culture and cohesion and in the field of green and inclusive economy.

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