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Youth Agri Enterprise

Youth Agri Enterprise (YAE) is an annual program that will be coordinated by Human Development International (hdikenya.org). Human Development International is a non-profit organisation whose main focus is to support small holder rural farmers to practice sustainable farming since 2011.

Youth Agri Enterprise formed in 2019 to stimulate income-generating rural enterprises based upon the energies and skills of youth.

Despite Africa experiencing a rapid social and economic growth as many economies are growing by more than 6% a year, they are still large disparities in income distribution, a large number of educated yet unemployed youth, and idle youth across Africa because incentives to substantially better one’s life is too scarce. As a result, rural households and youth who seek to escape poverty by engaging in market oriented farming reach limited success due to lack of innovative solutions to production and marketing constraints.

Promising pathways to solve these problems entail reaching the youth in ways that build their skills and offer incentives to remain within the rural workforce (IITA 2015). Also important is the need to reverse the misconception that the youth cannot contribute positively to rural transformation and should remain engaged in inefficient family farms. A comprehensive approach to increasing farm income through greater productivity, access to markets, market intelligence, and revitalized rural industries that all create employment is needed. All statements on poverty reduction in Africa reflect this view.

Our comprehensive program is determined to make a change by reaching out to youth, inspiring positive attitudes among them, promoting necessary innovations of farming and agribusiness skills and creating a platform where youth can contribute to, become recognized and thrive within their rural communities.


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